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cheap triple offset butterfly valve

Triple offset butterfly valves triple offset butterfly valves (tov) have three separate offsets as shown in the picture above to the right. two offsets are placed from the center while the third is on the seating surface which creates a cone type shape of the disc and seat.
Tomoe valve usa is the us headquarters for the tomoe butterfly valve manufacturer & holds over $2 million worth of triple-offset, double-offset and rubber-lined stock.
Mar 01, 2017 · triple offset butterfly valve with the triple offset butterfly valve there are three offsets. two are placed in a similar position to the double offset butterfly valve, while the third offset is the geometry of the seating surface, creating a type of cone shape of the disc and seat.
Tri lok triple offset butterfly valves: valve type: bray tri lok or approved equal. general: the valve shall be: 90º clockwise to close; non-rubbing; non-jamming; metal to metal seated; bi-directional; zero leakage; inherently fire-safetested to api 607; the valve shall be designed in accordance with ansi b16.34, b31.1 and b31.3 standards.

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