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knife gate valve distributor

Knife gate valves. carotek carries dezurik knife gate valves for a variety of industrial or municipal applications. dezurik's quality and unique packing designs are just a few reasons why they are leaders in the industry. whether you application is water, dry pellets, sludge, pulp, fly-ash, or slurries, let carotek and dezurik provide the solution.
View larger. keckley manufactures low pressure flanged and fabricated kgv knife gate valves that have a large port. our knife gate valves provides a low pressure drop across the valve and is better suited to handle slurries, solids, and other fluid/solid mixtures than average plug valves, butterfly valves, or ball valves.
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Reliable, high performance knife gate valves. do you need valves which can withstand highly abrasive and corrosive slurries? or are robust enough for use across the mining, oil sands, chemical, power and other general industries? regardless of your industry or application, thereu2019s a delta industrialu2122 knife gate valve to meet your needs.

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