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low temperature gate valve

Zhejiang sedelon valve co.,ltd is a professional low temperature gate valves company with productive factory, we are the best low temperature gate valves manufacturer and supplier from china. main materialuff1alc1u3001lc2u3001lc3u3001lcbu3001lccu3001cf8u3001 cf8mu3001 cf3u3001 cf3m u3001cn7mu3001monelu3001 20# alloysu30014au30015a, ect.
Low-temperature, cryogenic valves kitz valves have been developed to meet the most advanced and demanding technological standards of japan, the world's leading importer of environmentally friendly, clean-energy lng (liquefied natural gas). kitz offers a series of cryogenic valves of proven high quality, as demonstrated by repeated testing.
Applications such as liquefied natural gas, and other low temperature fluids, present special valve functionality challenges caused by extreme low temperature conditions. dsiu00ae gate, globe and check valves for cryogenic services, are specially prepared and designed to u2026
These valves are most common in low-to-moderate pressure and temperature applications. flexible wedge gate valve the flexible wedge gate valve improves upon the solid wedge valve by using a cut around the perimeter of the wedge to permit the wedge to flex or adjust for changes in seat alignment caused by thermal expansion, pressure loads, or wear.

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