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cheap resilient seat wafer butterfly valve

Butterfly valves; relief valves; multi-purpose relief valves (90 degree style) check valves; ... home > products > butterfly valves > industrial resilient seat butterfly. industrial resilient seat butterfly. features: ... wafer style: (note: 3d files are valve only) wafer nylon coated disc. size epdm part # viton part # buna part #
Quality is designed into the series 42, (wafer) and 44 (lug) butterfly valves, utilitizing the phenolic-backed cartridge seat pioneered by crane. these valves feature precision-machined parts insuring years of dependable operation. with many body/trim combinations, there is a series 42 or 44 valve to meet your application. butterfly 42 / 44
The value valve vf-7 resilient seated butterfly valve provides bi-directional bubble tight shutoff up to 50,000 cycles and has a standard pressure rating of 230 psig tested to 250 psig. the vf-7 has an iso-5211 stem and pad allowing the use of anyone’s iso-5211 actuator.
Wafer butterfly valve. the wafer body is placed between pipe flanges, and the flange bolts surround the valve body. a wafer type butterfly valve is easy to installed but it cannot be used as an isolation valve. lug style butterfly valve. ... this type of valve has a resilient seat. sealing is achieved when the disc deforms the soft seat.

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