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concentric butterly valve distributor

The butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve that can be used as an on-off valve or throttling valve. there are two types of butterfly valve, a concentric and an eccentric type. the eccentric type can be single, double, or triple-offset type. even though it is possible to have a single-offset butterfly valve, but it is rarely found in the market.
We at advance valves are proud to have supplied more than 1500 valves including dual check valves. concentric, double offset and triple offset butterfly valve ranging from 2u201d-88u201d in class ranges from for #150-#1500 for this project across many packages through epcs and oems such as foster wheeler, jacobs engineering, essar projects, toyo ...
A butterfly valve is used to shut off or modulate the flow of a fluid (isolation and regulation). api 609 centric butterfly valves (soft seated) are preferred to gate and ball valves for low-pressure and non-critical applications as they are cheaper, lighter and easier to install.
Concentric butterfly valves, wafer, lugged and flanged. 2 3 www.technimex www.technimex ... wafer type concentric butterfly valve. 10 11 www.technimex www.technimex type 1320/1321 and type 1340/1341 wafer and lug type ptfe seated butterfly valve part name material

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