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soft sealing plug valve

Sleeved plug valves: api 599, api 6d, ptfe, soft sealing, carbon, stainless, alloy steel, bw, flanged end, class 150 300, 1/214 inch, or as required.
Formulated using sure seal technology for the toughest high pressure plug valve application. val-tex sure seal 1502 is for use during assembly only to help ensure maximum sealing and resistance to washout, especially during low pressure hydro static testing. *sure seal 1502 is non-injectable
Backup seal along the top edge of the plug and the stem. unmatched stem sealing. the tufline standard dual stem seal is clearly superior to those of gate valves, ball valves, other plug valves, and many expensive valves with extended auxiliary packing. 360u00b0 lips. port defining lips were developed and patented by tufline. the lips surround the ...
Control seal double block and bleed dual expanding plug valves (dbbv) respond to the market demand for a non friction double tight shut-off valve. reduced space and no maintenance requirements are met. control seal dbbv provides 100% bubble tight sealing both up and down stream and is achieved mechanicallyindependent on line pressure.

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