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metal seated plug valve cost

Dezurik bhp high performance butterfly valves are specially designed for applications in the chemical, hydrocarbon processing, pulp & paper, water & wastewater and hvac industries worldwide. the valve was designed with an understanding that process industries need products that provide exceptional performance while reducing the total cost of ...
The cam-centric® plug valve is the solution for systems where slurries, grit or solids are present. the eccentric plug valve is a ¼ turn valve allowing cost effective, low torque actuation for pump control, shut-off and throttling service.
The upfront purchase price of a metal seated ball valve is definitely more than a soft seated ball valve. however, one should consider the cost of downtime and replacement of a soft seated valve. total cost of ownership may favor the metal seat. understanding your process conditions is key to determining the right seat for your application. if the selection is still unclear, speak with
Plug valves the pratt ballcentric® plug valve available in sizes ranging from 1/2 – 72 is designed specifically for wastewater applications. the round port design available on sizes 1/2 – 12, offers the least resistance to slurry, sludge, and fluid flow resulting in less erosion, longer service life, and reduced pumping costs.

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