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bellows seal globe valve wholesale

Angle bellows seal globe valve. angle bellows seal globe valve is a new type of globe valve, because this valve is double seal design, so the sealing performance is more reliable than the ordinary globe valve.nsw brand angle bellows globe valves have the following characteristics: 1. bellows + packing...
Profile. newton fluid technology co.,ltd. is a professional bellow sealed valves company located in chinauff0cwhich has nearly 22 years of valve manufacturing experience. newton bellow valve is committed to design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-grade valve, and occupies more than 8000 square has about 160 staffs, 22 senior professional titles employees u2026
Bellows sealed globe valves wtau00ae bellows sealed globe valves provide the highest fugitive emission protection for use in chemical processing including chlor-alkali, phosgene, and fertilizer applications. one of only four manufacturers globally to claim this distinction, wtau00ae products meet the new euro chlor standard, which defines demanding ...
Velan bellows seal valves feature a formed multi-ply bellows welded to the stem and to the bottom of the bonnet, creating a hermetic seal or impermeable barrier. bellows are available in many materials for virtually all corrosive chemical applications.

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