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cast steel butt welded globe valve seller

Cast steel valves in any fluid handling system, valves are the controlling element: starting or stopping flow, regulating or throttling flow, preventing
Flanged & butt weld; class 150 cast carbon steel ; pdf; class 300 cast carbon steel ; pdf; class 600 cast carbon steel ; pdf
Bolted bonnet bellows seal globe valves; bellows seal cast steel valves (bolted bonnet) cast steel bellows seal gate; cast steel bellows seal globe; bellows seal api 602 small forged valves. extended body bellows seal gate valves; bellows seal globe valves; bellows seal gate valves; velan abv valves; industries served. nuclear power; power; oil & gas; refining; chemical
Butt weld end globe valves-bw 150lb~2500lb sedelon globe valve are widely used in the industries of oil, chemical, medicine-made, fertilizer, electric power, etc. seat seal surface overlayed with wearing resistant hardened alloy to be matched with disc seal surface; the stem is specially treated to ensure its strength, rigidity, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.

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