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gas safety valve dealer

Safety pilot kits / repair hpc safety pilot kits feature the safety of flame sensing for your gas fireplaceu2026 if the flame blows out the gas will turn off automatically. for ignition the standing pilot is match lit at the beginning of season, providing flame to the sensor (thermocouple) and ignition of main burner when desired.
Gas valves & oil valves: lowest cost of ownership. it's the thinking behind the durable grey and yellow maxon valve. ... this unwavering dedication to safety and reliability is the reason most shut off valves are called maxon valves, the grey and yellow valve that proudly protects the world's heating equipment at the lowest cost of ownership.
Improves access to critical valve information. identifies trends in valve operation and maintenance. aids in management of parts and spares inventory. assists in troubleshooting by highlighting specific valve repair history. helps to manage repair process workflow. contributes to the development of predictive repair dates.
Baso gas products llc products on baso find a baso dealer near you for parts. baso gas products provides gas valves and pilot burners to oems and distributors of commercial burners/boilers, cooking and drying units, space heating and agricultural heating markets.

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