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cryogenic lcb globe valve seller

Cryogenic globe valves are available in sizes from dn10 to dn200 and secure pressures up to 50 bar, at operating temperatures of -255°c to +120°c. please find the cryogenic globe valves in the product choice below. you can combine different product characteristics to find your cryogenic globe valve better.
Lf2 and lcb low temperature carbon steels are suitable for continuous service down to -46ºc, up to 345ºc. however alloy – nickel based carbon steels like lcb, lf3, etc. are rated to lower temperatures (see below table). for cryogenic service colder than these temperatures austenitic stainless grades such as 304, 316 (cf8, cf8m) are required.
Cryogenic material. lcb' temp. scope is ≥-46, which is used in low-temperature situation. flange . dbv ball valve adopts the standard flange. locking device . this design on ball valve ensures the worm gear be locked when the pneumatic actuator is on. yoke. the yoke design is convenient for assembling worm gear, pneumatic,
Exotica valves™'s line of cryogenic gate, globe, check and ball valves are ideal for liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and lng and other sub-zero chemical and petrochemical processes. low temperature carbon steel in a350 lf2 and a352 lcb and lcc are the main body materials on our valves for cryogenic service.

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