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Purchase swagelok diaphragm-sealed valves, available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and configurations for high- and ultrahigh-purity applications
May 25, 2013 · diaphragm valves are used for shut-off and throttling applications that use liquids or gas. a diaphragm value is made with a body, or valve, with two or more ports, a diaphragm, and a saddle or seat that allows the diaphragm to close the valve. they can be manual or automated, and come in two main categories of diaphragm valves.
Pvc diaphragm valves are usually used for slightly more complex commercial or industrial applications. they use a membrane or diaphragm to restrict or allow flow. the valves we supply on pvc fittings online are manual, but diaphragm valves can also be automated (actuated).
Diaphragm valves have excellent shut-off and flow control characteristics. a flexible molded diaphragm regulates flow, provides tight shutoff, and isolates the fluid from its operator. the valve consists of the body, diaphragm, and handwheel assembly.

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