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socket welded check valve

China socket welded check valve manufacturer dervos supplies a105n socket welded check valves, 800lb, 1-1/2 inch (dn40), asme b16.34, asme b16.10.
The socket welding ends are prepared by boring in each end of the valve a socket with an inside diameter slightly larger than the pipe outside diameter. the pipe slips into the socket where it butts against a shoulder and then joins to the valve with a fillet weld.
Jul 20, 2018 · socket weld valve end connections – these types of connections are socketed so as to have a plain spigot end of the pipe. these are used on valves that are made up of steel, and for such applications that require higher pressure and/or higher temperature in pipelines that do not necessitate repeated disassembling.
Socket-connect on/off valves clean and maintain these valves without removing welded connections. they have a three-piece bolted body that disassembles inline for easy access to internal components. use with water, oil, air, inert gas, and steam.

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