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resilient seat double flange butterfly valve seller

Valves are designed for installation between asme b16.1 class 125 (iron) and b16.5 class 150 (steel) flanges. gaskets are not needed, and should not be used since the seat face seals against the mating flange. if the valve is to be installed in between any other flanges, consult your center line agent or the factory for additional information.
This type of valve has a resilient seat. sealing is achieved when the disc deforms the soft seat. there is friction between the disk and seat during the full operating cycle which is the disadvantage of zero offset valve. double offset butterfly valve. in double offset, the disk is offset from the valve center line and also from valve body ...
23 rows · flanged butterfly valve – centric disc. mvs integrally moulded double flanged
Bray resilient seated butterfly valve's seat design and internal disc to stem connection isolates the line media from the body and stem. the seat is designed to seal with slip-on or weld-neck flanges and the molded o-ring eliminates the need for flange gaskets.

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