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online bidirectional seal flange knife gate valve

The gbd model fca knife gate valve is a casted split body valve, provided with a secondary seal to secure full tightness to the atmosphere. designed for a bidirectional sealing and tailor-made to the requirements of each application, adapted to specific work conditions, flange drilling and other special conditions. login to download catalogue
The hpz-series manual bidirectional knife edge valve is a unidirectional wafer knife edge gate valve used on industrial pipeline for on-off operation. the structure of body and seat eliminates clogging shutoff for flow with fine particles. additionally, beveled knife edge helps the gate cut through thick media easily.
Bubble-tight, bi-directional shutoff the kgc-bd bi-directional knife gate valve provides bubble-tight shutoff in both directions up to the full rating of the valve. there is no recommended flow direction—and the valve does not require line pressure to seal. the interference fit between the gate and seat provides bubble tight shutoff
The fabri-valve® xs150 high performance knife gate valve features a robust perimeter seal that provides bi-directional bubble tight shutoff. the perimeter seal is double-locked in the valve body to securely retain the perimeter seal in the seal groove even during the most demanding applications. the perimeter seal has shoulders, which ...

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