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open bonnet pressure relief valve with lever

We are offering a wide range of screwed end pressure relief valve. features: unique design for steam, liquid, vapor or gas. designcast steel, full lift, close bonnet. over pressure10% of set pressure. blowdownmaximum 15% less than set pressure. full nozzle design; end connectionsocket weld, screwed, flanged end
Series jos-h-e are open bonnet pressure relief valves intended for asme code section viii steam service applications and are furnished with a regular lifting lever as standard. series jbsbp-e and jltjbsbp-e are balanced bellows valves with a supplementary back
For example, the asme boiler and pressure vessel code states that pressure relief valves must be fitted with a lever if they are to be used on air, water over 60°c, and steam. a standard or open lever is the simplest type of lever available.
Vented bonnet may not be as open as a steam psv's* open bonnet. closed bonnet is for containing the relieving fluid, and prv's with bellows require a closed bonnet to protect the bellows. *psvpressure safety valveis what asme & api call the special subset of prv'spressure relief valvesthat are optomized for boiler and steam service.

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