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tilting disc wafer check valve dealer

The tilted disc® check valve is an excellent choice for raw water, cooling water and treated water/wastewater applications. its streamlined body contouring, flow area 40% greater than nominal pipe size and hydrodynamic disc combine to provide the lowest headloss of any check valve produced today.
The tilting disc check valve is also offered with an upper hydraulic dashpot to aid in disc closure in multiple pump systems even after a power failure. henry pratt continues to expand our product offering to those customers who require specialty valves for applications where opening and closing times are critical to control flow reversal and reduce water hammer.
Pressure seal swing check valves; pressure seal tilting disc check valves; pressure seal piston check valves; pressure seal y-pattern piston check valves; bolted bonnet high pressure valves (large forged) valves ... dual-plate check valves (proquip) wafer typepw dual-plate check valves; solid lug typepl, pm, dual plate check valves;
Champion valves is dedicated to meeting your needs with a complete range of high-quality and competitively priced check valves; including: dual disc, single disc, silent check, nozzle check, and other industrial wafer check valves.

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