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online eccentric wafer butterfly valve

A butterfly valve is used to shut off or modulate the flow of a fluid (isolation and regulation). api 609 centric butterfly valves (soft seated) are preferred to gate and ball valves for low-pressure and non-critical applications as they are cheaper, lighter and easier to install.

Many complain that butterfly valves leak, this is due to a standard awwa c04 single or zero offset design. awwa c504 valves, leak by happens often. av-tek dex butterfly valves don't leak. with a double eccentric design, sometimes called a double offset design, the disc doesn't touch the body. ensuring no rubbing or wear. exceeds awwa c519 and c504 in design, performance and
Oct 24, 2018 · double flanged butterfly valves have a full flange at each side for ease of mounting in adjoining flanged pipework. wafer pattern where the butterfly valve sandwich mounts between flanges and securing bolts pass through both flanges to grip the valve between the flanges. the wafer body can have elongated lugs that assist with alignment, but ...

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