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online bolted bonnet forged steel globe valve

Forged steel globe valves bonney forge valves are available in two bonnet designs. the first design is the bolted bonnet, with male-female joint, spiral wound gasket, made in f316l/graphite. ring joint gasket are also available on request.
Forged steel globe valves are generally available with plug type disc, which is designed to give leak tight seating over a long period of in built wear life. all relia globe valve stem is made from solid one piece construction.
Ball check valves. bolted bonnet; welded bonnet; piston check valve. bolted bonnet; welded bonnet; swing check valve. bolted bonnet; welded bonnet; ball valves. ... filed under: bolted bonnet, forged steel valves, globe valves. corporate contacts. corporate office: 6059 south loop east houston, tx 77087 866-go beric (462-3742) (toll free)
Typical forged steel bolted bonnet globe valve this illustration represents a typical kinka bolted bonnet globe valve. there will be some minor modifications in each class, type and size.

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