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double offset butterfly valve seller

Mar 01, 2017 · double offset butterfly valves are available in higher pressures than the zero offset style. the double offset is up to ansi class 600 rating in carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy and other body material, with variations of teflon seats and also fire safe design with metal back up seats. triple offset butterfly valve. with the triple ...
High performance butterfly valve double offset, high performance , high pressure, high temperature, zero leakage butterfly valves independent and internal tests prove bray/mccannalok’s superior service life capability, with zero leakage shutoff.
Double eccentric high performance butterfly valves. the valve design is based on a double eccentric geometry of the disc rotating centre, utilizing a floating radius machined seal ring. this design makes the disc move back and away from the body seat during the opening movement. (fig.1.1). the double eccentric design decreases the seat friction,
Double offset bfv during its product development phase, the hp series wafer/lug butterfly valve was tested to ensure that it met our own rigorous standards for flow capacity. throughout testing, the hp series valve has consistently produced high cv

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