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slide gate valve

A slide gate valve provides a quick and efficient method for isolating and controlling the flow of free flowing powders, granules and dust. sunco slide gate valves offers reliable, continuous service with the minimum need for attention and maintenance.
The slide gate valves help control gravity batch unloading when handling dry free flowing materials. we offer them as permanent fixtures on gravity feeder systems or as maintenance valves used to isolate components for service.
Waterman offers best-in-class water control slide (sluice) gates for water treatment, wastewater, and hydropower applications. they’re noted for their excellent sealing and leak resistance, and for their long service life.
Slide gates pratt ® fabricated stainless steel lined slide gate valves available in sizes from 3” to 48”. with a stainless steel stem, slide gate, seat and body liner, it is ideally suited for wet or dry dense and abrasive material.

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