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api599 plug valve dealer

Plug v dition janu covers design perature rating ents for metall ckel base, and elding ends an ends in sizes 1 d or socket-wel s ≤ 2). valve b e one flange an and one sock ed and nonlubr orts. three-way e scope of this plug valves wh a single body. includes requ, plug, and port y ports, plug, a g materials of w rd. also provides re in full ...
Three-way and four-way plug valves do not fall under the scope of this standard. tandem plug valves which have two independent operating plugs in a single body. this standard includes requirements for valves fitted with internal body, plug, and port linings or applied hard facings on the body, body ports, plug, and plug port.
As per api 599 plug valves shall meet requirements of b16.34, even though they have specified their required body thickness. api 6d also covers plug valves which are also designed as per b16.34 or other equivalent standard.
Well-tested, economical line of super-steel plug valves that provides dependable operations and eliminates the need for field readjustments. lubricated plug valvessuper nordstrom (steel) flowserve

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