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triple offset butterfly valve factory

As a china's most trusted butterfly valve,triple offset butterfly valve,full lined butterfly valve manufacturers and factory in china,we can offer low cost butterfly valve deals with exclusive prices.more types butterfly valve wanted,visit us directly please.
Tipvalve a manufacturer and wholesale of butterfly valve,the products are security seal,truck seal,container seals etc,it has been certified by national special equipment manufacturing license, iso9001, ce, api607, api6fa , iso15848 fugitive emission certificate etc.
Triple offset economic price electric/wormgear butterfly valve is used for throttling or shutting off the flow of corrosive or non corrosive gased, liquids and semi liquid.
A triple offset butterfly valve is closed when the disc is upright in the seat, the actual place where the valve creates a seal. the control lever is connected to the valve through the outer enclosure so when the lever rotates, the disc or vane does too. the

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