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bidirectional seal lug knife gate valve exporter

Bidirectional knife gate valve the bray series 740 provides repeatable bidirectional shutoff in a rugged, single piece cast body. featuring a replaceable steel reinforced elastomer seat for enhanced sealing, the bray series 740 gate valve is easily automated for on/off applications.
The fabri-valve® xs150 high performance knife gate valve features a robust perimeter seal that provides bi-directional bubble tight shutoff. the perimeter seal is double-locked in the valve body to securely retain the perimeter seal in the seal groove even during the most demanding applications. the perimeter seal has shoulders, which ...
Dervos provides high performance gate valve products, including wedge gate valve, pressure seal gate valve, knife gate valve, flat gate valve and bellow seal gate valve. opening and closing part of gate valve is flashboard. its direction of motion is perpendicular to the direction of fluid. the valve is usually used to cut off medium.
Bt (ser.22) bi-directional mss sp-81 knife gate valve bi-directional mss sp-81 lug type knife gate valve for general industrial and water applications more info br bi-directional knife gate valve with rings bi-directional wafer style knife gate valve with stainless steel rings for general industrial applications more info

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