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Concentric butterly valve face to face dimensions: ansi b16.10 flange end dimension :ansi b16.5 butt welded dimensionsuff1aansi b16.25 design and manufactureuff1aapi 609 pressure testuff1aapi598 materialsuff1awcb u3001wc6 u3001wc9 u3001cf8u3001 cf8mu3001 cf3u3001 cf3m u3001cn7mu3001lc1
Concentric butterfly valves employ a disc which rotates around a central axis, and deforms an elastomer seat as it reaches its closed position. the deformation of the seat forms a seal and prevents any process fluid flowing downstream. in a concentric butterfly valve, the shaft and disc sit directly in the centre of the valve and pipeline. they are a cost effective solution and can be supplied as manual valves u2026
Concentric butterfly valve the structural feature of the concentric butterfly valve is that the stem axis, the center of the disc, and the center of the body are at the same position. the structure is simple, the manufacture is convenient, and the valve can achieve zero leakage.
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