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eccentric butterly valve

Eccentric butterfly valve the connection between upper and lower valve shaft and butterfly valve uses heterogeneous blind hole and deformed shaft. during on-off, floating no-pin connection, reducing interference region between disc and seat and decreasing torque greatly.
The mb/mbc fca bi-eccentric butterfly model valves are mainly used in strained lines in hydraulic power stations or as security purposes in turbines as a shut-off element. butterfly valves ensures a perfect performance and sealing for pressure ratings up to asme class 600#.
Pneumatic actuated sanitary ball valveson/off type; pneumatic actuated centric butterfly valveson/off type; pneumatic actuated double eccentric butterfly valveson/off type; pneumatic actuated triple offset butterfly valveson/off type; proportional pneumatic control ball valves; proportional pneumatic control butterfly valves

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