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bolted bonnet globe valve manufacturer

The bolted bonnet y-pattern globe valve is a durable, high-performance small bore globe valve that is forged and equipped with a bolted-bonnet design for improved maintenance. y-pattern globe valvesbolted bonnet flowserve
Bolted bonnet high pressure valves (large forged) valves. bolted bonnet flexible wedge gate valves; bolted bonnet parallel slide gate valves; bolted bonnet globe valves; bolted cover swing check valves; bolted cover piston check valves; bolted bonnet bellows seal flexible wedge gate valves; bolted bonnet bellows seal globe valves; cast steel ...
Following are the few types of globe valves manufactured in our company, includes. bellow deal globe valve; bolted bonnet globe valve; pressure seal globe valve; right angle globe valve; our other categories of the industrial valve include; plug valve, ball valve, forged valve, butterfly valve, plug, and check valve etc.
Newco cast steel bolted bonnet valves product line technical data newmans history newco valves, l.p., a texas limited partnership, dba newmans, and its wholly owned subsidiary, newmans valves, ltd, manufactures, markets and sells gate, globe, check, ball, and triple offset valves ranging in sizes from 1/4” thru 120” ansi class 125 thru 4500 lbs.

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