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cheap plup paper knife gate valve

Orbinox supplies a wide range of knife gate valves for pulp and paper. ex (ser.10) uni-directional knife gate valve uni-directional wafer style knife gate valve for general industrial applications more info.
Orbinox supplies a wide range of knife gate valves, other specific valves and dampers for the pulp and paper industry knife gate valves as a the leading european and a prominent international knife gate valve manufacture, orbinox offers a wide range of knife gate valves for a large variety of industrial and water related applications.
Pulp & paper industry valves. the pulp & paper industry has many difficult applications including calcium carbonate, kaolin, calcined clays, lime, white, green liquor, and black liquor where scaling and abrasive media cause other valves to fail regularly.
Knife gate valves are usually used for pulp/paper and mining industries. knife gate valve are named for its sharp, knife-like disc, which could be used for cutting medium. the groove around the seat permits the gate to push particles aside and prevents clogging. when the valve is open, the flow cleans the groove.

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