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pressure balance plug valve price

Round port valves offer the best flow characteristics compared to alternative port openings, resulting in less pressure drop across the valve. pressure classes on 12 and smaller is 175 psi, pressure classes on 14 and larger is 150 psi, higher pressure on request.
Plug valve -> pressure balanced lubricated plug valve a lubricated valve uses a lubricant that is injected under pressure between the plug face and body seat to reduce friction and seal ports. the plug surface gets constantly lubricated by the sealant that moves from the center cavity through radial holes into lubricant grooves on the plug surface.
Modulating thermal actuator used to control pressure independent balancing and control valves dn 10-32. control signal: 0-10 v; valve stroke detection; power consumption: 1 w standby log(lin*) characteristic; halogen free cable: plug-in; 1 m (5 m and 10 m) ip class: 54; normally closed (open**) when de-energized; first open function (normally closed variant)
Pressure balance lubricated plug valves are manufactured using a wide range of materials to suit the service applications. the benefit of dynamic pressure balance plug valve offers is that it ensures equalized pressure between the plug and upper and lower body chamber. pressure is balance by the two holes in the plug which connects the plug ...

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