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The series 600fma (factory mutual approved) lubricated plug valve delivers the high level of performance you have come to expect with homestead. principle applications include natural gas, propane gas and butane gas. series 600 factory mutual approved lubricated plug valves
Milliken ® valves, actuators and control systems are designed and built specifically for the water, wastewater, and industrial industry. with a winning combination of commitment, experience, and innovative engineering, we provide a wide range of awwa standard products for
The plugs could have one or more hollow alleys going through the plug, so that fluid can flow through the plug when the valve is open. it is also possible for a plug valve to have more than two ways. find out the whole series of our production range of plug valves. do not hesitate to contact our staff for any requirement. we are a factory and ...
Consult factory for configurations. like all pressure containing products, weco plug valves require special handling. ult plug valves-benefits: ultimate seal-ability the key to the ult plug valve’s unprecedented seal integrity is its proprietary floating plug and dual-seal design. when the valve is closed, the dual segment seal provides a ...

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