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wc9 gate valve supplier

2500lb wc9 y type globe valve model:y565y-2500lb-wc9-dn300 high temperature and high pressure globe valve opening and closing parts are plug shaped valve, sealing surface flat or cone, the valve flap along the center line of the fluid for linear motion.
Mar 22, 2019u00a0u00b7 the suitable working temperature of wc6 is -29 ~ 540 u00b0c, and the suitable working temperature of wc9 is -29 ~ 570 u00b0c. both specifications are chrome-molybdenum steel, and the mechanical properties of the two are basically the same, with the same tensile strength, yield strength and elongation at room temperature.
The craneu00aefkx 9000 triple offset valves valve design is recommended for industrial applications where large bore valves handle hot steam or isolate parts of their plants and have high/low temperatures that prevent the use of rubber lining elements.

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