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cheap seal flange knife gate valve

Pressure seal (forged and cast steel) valves. bolted bonnet high pressure valves (large forged) valves. cast steel (bolted bonnet) valves. cast stainless steel corrosion resistant valves. api 602 small forged valves. bonnetless valves. dual-plate check valves (proquip) knife gate valves.
Shop for knife gate valves at ferguson. ferguson is the #1 us plumbing supply company and a top distributor of hvac parts, waterworks supplies, and mro products.
Knife gate valves are usually used for pulp/paper and mining industries. knife gate valve are named for its sharp, knife-like disc, which could be used for cutting medium. the groove around the seat permits the gate to push particles aside and prevents clogging. when the valve is open, the flow cleans the groove.
Full flange knife gate valve. wey knife gate valve models na, a1 & w1. section viewsides of valve. gate is guided in machined groove with large diameter seal mechanically retained to seal gate edge. this design provides dual metal/resilient seating and gate support with pressure from either side of gate.

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