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tilting disc wafer check valve

A check valve, also called non return valve, is a valve that normally allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction. the main function of check valve is backflow prevention. we supply swing check valve, wafer check valve, lift check valve, non u2026
The tilted discu00ae check valve is an excellent choice for raw water, cooling water and treated water/wastewater applications. its streamlined body contouring, flow area 40% greater than nominal pipe size and hydrodynamic disc combine to provide the lowest headloss of any check valve produced today.
The pratt u00ae tilting disc check valve is the most versatile and reliable check valve pratt has to offer. this valve offers significant energy and cost savings over the life of the valve due to its large flow area and low head loss characteristics. short disc travel from full open to full close provides the ability to close very...
Metal-to-metal seat wafer style tilting disc check valve suitable for all the standard flanges. short face to face. excellent tightness according to api 598. low pressure drop and opening pressure. quick closing reaction (oblique seating) which reduces water hammer. as an option auxiliary ...

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