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online concentric butterly valve

Concentric butterfly valves, wafer, lugged and flanged. 2 3 www.technimex www.technimex. table of contents. technimex is an international supplier of products needed for urban infrastructure such as water-, sewage-, and gas distribution. technimex is privately owned and has its headquarter in ugchelen, the netherlands.
The butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve that can be used as an on-off valve or throttling valve. there are two types of butterfly valve, a concentric and an eccentric type. the eccentric type can be single, double, or triple-offset type. even though it is possible to have a single-offset butterfly valve, but it is rarely found in the market.
Concentric butterfly valves 04 age concentric butterfly valve -the rotating center of the spherical disc and shaft which coincide with the center of the spherical seat and body interfering each other at specified position- is composed of an elastic seat, and excels in economical efficiency in large facilities, tight shut-off, low pressure drop

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