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tilting disc wafer check valve price

Rm (ser.35) model metal-to-metal seat wafer style tilting disc check valve. the rm model check valve is a reliable metal seated non-return valve with oblique seating angle widely used in u2026
Check valve our range of products include wafer type buttterfly check valve, swing type check valve, cast steel swing check bonnet valve, non slam check valve, lift wafer check valve and tilting disc check valve.
The pratt u00ae tilting disc check valve is the most versatile and reliable check valve pratt has to offer. this valve offers significant energy and cost savings over the life of the valve due to its large flow area and low head loss characteristics.
Pressure seal swing check valves; pressure seal tilting disc check valves; pressure seal piston check valves; pressure seal y-pattern piston check valves; bolted bonnet high pressure valves (large forged) valves ... dual-plate check valves (proquip) wafer typepw dual-plate check valves; solid lug typepl, pm, dual plate check valves;

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