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high temperature gate valve exporter

Parveen high temperature gate valve uses parallel expanding gate to obtain perfect shutoff. the sealing is metalto metal, both on the up and down stream of the valve, and unaffected by vibration and heat. the valve is the standard model ‘e’ gate valve, modified with extended bonnet and stem to place the stem packing outside the critical ...
High-temperature valve / knife gate / with handwheel / for steam fl-ht. where to buy. high-temperature valve. fl-ht. temperature: -18 °c343 °c... seals, the fl-ht gate valve design takes advantage of our latest technology in materials and seal design.
Nivz valve manufacturing range covers hot oil jacketed gate valve, thermal oil jacketed gate valve, therminol jacketed gate valve, dowtherm oil jacketed gate valve, high temperature oil jacketed gate valve, steam jacketed gate valve, high pressure jacketed gate valve, thermic fluid oil jacketed gate valves and more on special request.
Body cavity pressure increases or decreases the seal between the body and bonnet in this type of gate valve. this type works best in high-pressure and high temperature applications. os & y or rising stem gate valves outside stem and yoke (os&y) valves are characterized by the rising threaded valve stem as the valve opens.

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