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wafer check valve distributor

Check-all valves close quickly and smoothly prior to reverse flow; there by, preventing water hammer noise associated with hydraulic shock. read more. spring loaded check valves: function equally well in either vertical or horizontal position with proper spring selection. designed with the spring upstream of the seat, strategically placing it ...
Arrow valve fully incorporated in 1981 and is proud to be a family owned and operated company producing products made in america, by american hands. arrow’s wide variety of check valve products such as swing checks, wafer checks (long and short pattern), and ball check’s are not only found in american industry, but on a world-wide basis. ...
U.s. valve llc — the right choice. us valve is a new jersey corporation with headquarters in new jersey and manufacturing locations in maryland–usa, europe and asia. our primary focus is check valves and our roots are grounded in low pressure drop designs.our application engineers can assist you in making the right choice of valve for your application.
Manufactures the metal hinged check valve.

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