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pressure balance plug valve seller

The benefit of dynamic pressure balance plug valve offers is that it ensures equalized pressure between the plug and upper and lower body chamber. pressure is balance by the two holes in the plug which connects the plug port to upper and lower chamber.
Pressure balanced lubricated plug valves api 6d & api 6a ... pressure balance lubricated plug valves are metal seated valves providing a tight shut off ( 0 leakage ) sealing, valves shall be regularly lubricated along with their operation by injection of suitable grease. thanks to the absence of any body cavity and as well as a simple & tough ...
The inverted pressure balance lubricated plug valve is according to ansi product structural features. this kind of valve is applicable to the cutting and connection of pipelines medium as widely used in various industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, power industry etc.
Lubricated plug valvessuper-h brand: serck audco the super-h lubricated plug valve is a rugged, pressure balanced plug valve designed for demanding oil and gas isolation applications where bubble tight shut-off and reliable operation are critically important.

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