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bellows seal globe valve

We specialize in the design, manufacture, and testing of bellows seal gate and globe valves. bellows seal valves help eliminate fugitive emissions of toxic or regulated fluids and prevent corrosive or harmful atmospheric conditions from entering the process.
Category: bellows seal valves velan bellows seal valves feature a formed multi-ply bellows welded to the stem and to the bottom of the bonnet, creating a hermetic seal or impermeable barrier. bellows are available in many materials for virtually all corrosive chemical applications.
Yongjia vcen valve co.,ltd., covers 5,000 square meters of area and has more than 50 employees. now, it already has become a professional en/din industry valves company , manufacture and after-service with producing high-quality,with 100% tight shut-off technology of zero leakage, and excellent design use long life products.our primary products:bellow seal globe valve, bellow seal gate valve
Bolted bonnet bellows seal globe valves; bellows seal cast steel valves (bolted bonnet) cast steel bellows seal gate; cast steel bellows seal globe; bellows seal api 602 small forged valves. extended body bellows seal gate valves; bellows seal globe valves; bellows seal gate valves; velan abv valves

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