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conventional safety relief valve

The conventional relief valves are commonly used on onshore facility where relief valves are fitted with individual tail pipes. on offshore facility, the valves are used mainly as small threaded valves for fire and thermal relief and for liquid relief on pumps.
Conventional relief valves should only be used where the discharge is routed independently to atmosphere, or if installed in a header system, the back-pressure build-up when the device is relieving must be kept below 10% of the set pressure so the set point is not significantly affected. the set point increases directly with back-pressure.
A conventional pressure relief valve is not used when the built-up backpressure is greater than 10% of the set pressure at 10% overpressure. a higher maximum allowable built-up backpressure may be used for overpressure greater than 10%. advantages of conventional relief valves are reliability and versatility.
Dec 02, 2006 · compensation for superimposed back pressure which is constant may be provided by reducing the set pressure of a conventional relief valve. a balanced bellows is recommended when built-up back pressure is expected to exceed 10% of set pressure. when superimposed back pressure is variable a balanced bellows is preferred.

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