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online metal seat butterfly valve

Zwick tri-con triple offset, metal seated, butterfly valves. ... as the cone-in-cone seating design with the multiple laminations and the metal seat makes the series tri-con to an allrounder for many different industrial applications. zwick valves are used for industrial and exhaust gases, liquids, hot water or steam at lowest as well at high ...
A metal seated butterfly valve is a type of valve which can be used for isolating or regulating flow. the closing mechanism is the disc, which sits in the center of the valve body. the disc is connected to a handle or actuator via the shaft, which passes from the disc through the top of the valve
Designed for operation in high pressure/high temperature environments, the 302y high performance butterfly valve features several unique features which combine precision engineering with advanced design (eg self-aligning, high rigid thin-wall disc and “ball lock” seat retainer) to produce the ideal replacement for conventional metal seating gate and globe valves.
Dbv butterfly valve adopts the design of fully metal. alloy steel is overlayed on the sealing surface, which solves the problems of hard working conditions, such as high pressure, low temperature and high temperature effectively.

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