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pressure seal check valve dealer

Pressure seal valves are engineered and manufactured in strict conformance to asme, ansi, astm, api and other applicable standards. the dsi pressure seal product line offers flex-wedge and parallel slide gate valves, straight and y-pattern globe valves, swing, lift and tiltdisk check valves.
Pacific pressure seal cast steel globe valves for power generation and refining applications pacificu00ae pressure seal cast tilting disc check valves the pacific valveu00ae tilting disc check valve uses gravity to rapidly close the disc upon reversal of flow.
Gate, globe, and check valves. pressure seal (forged and cast steel) valves. pressure seal flexible wedge gate valves; pressure seal parallel slide gate valves; pressure seal globe valves; pressure seal y-pattern globe valves; pressure seal swing check valves; pressure seal tilting disc check valves; pressure seal piston check valves
Pressure seal valves pressure seal valve designs are available in gate, globe, swing check, stop check, lift check, tilting disc check valves are installed in a wide variety of services demanding high pressure/temperature applications like: main steam, reheat, feed water, catalytic reforming, as well as other applications in power, refining, petrochemical, and other process industries.

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