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straight through type diaphragm valve

Bdk g2k series straight through type diaphragm valves, provide zero leakage, full open fluid passage and are used in minerals, chemical, water treatment and slurry applications. bdk diaphragm valve is designed for water & effluent treatment, desalination plants, power plants, chemicals & process plants, fertilizers and mining.
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The t85 straight through diaphragm valve is a monoblock bidirectional valve. depending on the application, different quality of the body and rubber lining solutions can be given. the main features of the valve: 100% leak tightness performance guaranteed the valve can be installed in any position produced with high eu quality components easy maintenance: three part []
Straight through type diaphragm valves specifically suited to handle erosive and abrasive applications, its unobstructed full bore provides excellent performance with low pressure drop. at valve fully open offers self cleaning design.

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