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flame arrestor distributor

Once it reaches sonic velocity, the flame front propels a shock wave that is capable of blowing right through conventional flame arrestors. to ensure plant safety, tornado technologies recommends detonation arrestors be used when installed greater than 10-feet from the ignition source.
Need help finding your nearest distributor? let us know. learn more. the leader in flame management more than products, belgas fm brings expertise in design and manufacture, and an understanding of proper specification, that is vital to protecting life and equipment. products. flame arrestors burner arrestors, inline arrestors, stack arrestors ...
Flame arresters are installed by contractors, oems and operators in order to provide protection against explosions in a wide range of applications including: oil & gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, bio-fuels and distilleries.
Distributor of industrial flame arresters for protecting equipment and small piping installation applications. available in 3, 4 and 6 in. flanged/threaded connections. various features include non-welded, cleanable elements, threaded ends, bi-directional, removable cores, carbon steel housings and machined face gaskets.

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