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pressure seal bonnet forged steel gate valve dealer

Bellows seal bolted bonnet high pressure valves (large forged) bolted bonnet bellows seal flexible wedge gate valves; bolted bonnet bellows seal globe valves; bellows seal cast steel valves (bolted bonnet) cast steel bellows seal gate; cast steel bellows seal globe; bellows seal api 602 small forged valves. extended body bellows seal gate valves
Low emissions valves with bonney forge eco-seal ®. api 600 and api 602 now require low fugitive emissions valves certified to api 624. bonney forge is ahead of the game.
Pressure seal valves. pressure seal construction is adopted for valves for high pressure service, typically in excess of above 170 bar. the unique feature about the pressure seal bonnet is that the body-bonnet joints seals improves as the internal pressure in the valve increases, compared to other constructions where the increase in internal pressure tends to create leaks in the body-bonnet
As one of the leading high pessure self-sealing forged steel gate valves(pressure self-tghtening bonnet)900lb~2500lb manufacturers and suppliers in china and equipped with a productive factory, shanghai hugo valve co.,ltd is always at your service.

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