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cheap ptfe sleeve plug valve

Multiple external bubble-tight seals independent of line pressure 3. direct mechanical three-point adjustment independent of line pressure 4. independent travel stops 5. full encapsulation and retention of all leading edges of ptfe sleeve and top seal components 6. full lip at port openings protects ptfe sleeve 7.
Contact between plug and the firmly fixed ptfe sleeve in the body and by separate atmospheric seals. body design the ptfe sleeve serves as the seat for the valve plug thus eliminating contact of two metal surfaces. turning effort is low and galling is avoided. the design also permits the use of any body/plug material combination. positive shut-off
The inert ptfe sleeve in our sleeved plug valve completely surrounds the plug. the sleeve provides a large, circumferential sealing surface from port to port. open, closed, or rotating, the seal is assured. no ball or gate valve can match this sealing power. the ptfe sleeve is securely nestled in the valve body.
Plug valves with ptfe sleeve. the ptfe sleeve encloses the entire plug. there is no contact surface so the medium cannot cause damage. ptfe has a self-lubricating effect and therefore requires no maintenance.

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