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cheap metal seated plug valve

J&s valve metal to metal seated plug valves can cut through solids. they are an excellent choice for use in raw sewage applications. the full-round ported metal to metal seated plug valve is so strong it can cut through boards and tree limbs.
Wedgeplug valves can be specificed with a variety of port openings up to 100% full round port. asme classes 1501500. specifications: asme classes 150-1500. temperature from cryogenic to 1650°f (900°c). sizes ½ in (15 mm) through 36 in (900 mm). plug port of reduced (70%, 90%) and full bore (100%).
Welded nickel seatrobotically welded 1/8in thick; grit-guard™ shaft sealsprevents bearing wear and shaft seizing; v-type packingself adjusting and replaceable while under pressure; stainless steel radial upper and lower bearingspermanently lubricated for extended life; upper and lower thrust bearingsto assure plug centering
Design features design features / 1 construction of 3z metal seated plug valves 3z metal seated plug valves are designed to be used for high or low temperature. the plug is contact with raised ribs of the body and create sealing surfaces.

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