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online high temperature check valve

A very high temperature normally closed (power to open) piston type solenoid valve with a 304 stainless steel body and reinforced teflon seats. mainly used as a for high temperature applications as it will do up to 200 °c saturated steam and up to 250 °c in other media such as hot oil. will handle fluids up to 50 centistoke viscosity.
Grade 316 stainless steel 3 piece high temp ball valves are ideal for high temperature applications like steam and steam condensate. our stainless steel industrial bsp valves are long-lasting, hard wearing and provide leak proof isolation. bsp ball valves are often referred to as wog valves (water oil gas) temperature range from 0°c250°c depending on your pressure range.
Large range of solenoid valves including direct acting, differential, high pressure, high temperature, explosion proof along with the various body material options available. applications include solenoid valves for water, steam, chemicals, high pressure and vacuum.
Pressure and temperature control valves regulate pressure and temperature in steam and liquid applications. air and vacuum release valves have an air release valve and an air vacuum valve in a compact unit. ... gas pressure regulators reduce the pressure of gas supplied from a high-pressure cylinder of gas to a safe, workable level. pressure ...

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