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cheap duplex stainless steel check valve

For more durability than plastic barbed check valves, these have a stainless steel body. compact flange-mount check valves less than half the end-to-end length of standard flange-mount check valves, these can be installed in pipelines with limited clearance.
Stainless steel check valves. 57 products found. check valves prevent backflow into sump disposal lines, wastewater lines, sewage lift stations, and ejector systems. they are used in combination with piston, diaphragm and metering pumps and commonly use ball check valves that combine balls and seats in the same valve body for a leak-free ...
Super duplex stainless steel valves we are manufacturer, suppliers of duplex steel valves in a wide range like ball valves, flanged end ball valves, needle valves, manifold valves, double block and bleed valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, non return valves, safety valves etc.
Duplex 2507 and xeron 100 also have nickel contents increased one and one half per cent over s31803 and s32205. duplex s31200 has chrome and nickel contents in the super duplex range, but the molybdenum content is significantly less than any of the other five grades.

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