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open bonnet pressure relief valve distributor

Protectoseal series no. 16240 vacuum relief vents are intended for use where only vacuum relief is required. they are designed protectoseal series no. 17800, pipe-away pressure conservation vent, is intended for use where pressure relief is required and the relieving protectoseal series no.
Series jos-h-e are open bonnet pressure relief valves intended for asme code section viii steam service applications and are furnished with a regular lifting lever as standard. series jbsbp-e and jltjbsbp-e are balanced bellows valves with a supplementary back
Lifting mechanisms are used to open the pressure relief valves when the pressure under the valve disk is lower than the set pressure. these mechanisms are available in three basic types: plain lever, packaged lever and air-operated lifting devices.
Pressure relief valve (prv) a pressure relief device designed to actuate on inlet static pressure and to reclose after normal conditions have been restored. it may be one of the following types and have one or more of the following design features.

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